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Air Jordan 1 Mid Quai54 Sneakerb0b ReleasesOnly if you zoom in on the map can you see that Jordan used to have a coastline.Jordan's coastline is squeezed in with Egypt, Israel and Saudi Arabia, giving a strong sense of oppression.But Jordan has been blessed with 26 kilometers of coastline and the port of aqaba, the crown jewel of the Jordanian people, to enjoy the sea breeze from the red sea.The geography of Jordan is not good.Palestine (Israel) is to the west, Syria to the north, Iraq to the northeast, and Saudi Arabia to the southeast and south.And, with more than 80 per cent of Jordan's 89,000 sq km of land being desert, there is very little land available for development.More to the point, Jordan suffers from a severe shortage of water.You say: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc. 's territory is dominated by desert and lack of water.However, the family is rich in oil resources, selling oil to make a fortune, but Jordan is a poor oil country.Jordan wants nothing but foreign trade.For an export-oriented economy, it is not impossible not to have a port, which is more convenient, and the only place Jordan can use is aqaba.So the gulf of aqaba is a bay of life for Jordan.Aqaba was forcibly ceded by the British from the kingdom of hijaz (hijaz) to transjordan, now known as Jordan, in 1925.However, Jordan's coastline at that time was not 26 kilometers, and the southern line of the city of aqaba, just next to the han chi.Jordan's coastline is only a few kilometers.Such a division of the border is very bad for Jordan to build the port of aqaba.That leaves Jordan with one option: Saudi Arabia for land.Saudi Arabia covers an area of more than 2.2 million square kilometers and has oil reserves of more than 36 billion tons.By any measure, the saudis do not look down on small, poor Jordan.It is just that Saudi Arabia and Jordan are both Arab brothers, and for the sake of their Shared ancestry, and Jordan's willingness to give up more, the saudis may consider this at their discretion.In 1965, Jordan went to Saudi Arabia and said, "big brother, do you want to start a business?"Saudi Arabia disdained to ask: "little brother, you do business with me?You have the money to buy my oil?"Jordan gritted his teeth. "let's change places," he said.I'll take the bigger one and trade it for your smaller one."No one was too big, so the saudis took an interest, rolled out the map and asked Jordan, "what land are you going to swap?"Pointing to a straight line on the southern outskirts of aqaba, sadan said, "expand this line more than ten kilometers to the south.Saudi Arabia has the longest coastline of any Arab country in the Middle East. At 2,448 kilometers, it is not painful for Saudi Arabia to give up more than a dozen kilometers.Together with its Shared ancestry with Jordan, Saudi Arabia agreed to Jordan, asking Jordan, "how much do you give me?"Jordan says a number: "6,000 square kilometers."At that time, Jordan covered more than 90,000 square kilometers, and 6,000 square kilometers was close to 6% of Jordan's total area, which was not low.Change to Russia 17.09 million square kilometers, will give up almost 1.07 million square kilometers, for who does not love?Even in the desert.There was nothing Jordan could do or it wouldn't have given up such a big piece of land.Jordan wanted to give ground in what is now the southeast part of Jordan.If you look at the border south of aqaba in Jordan, it stretches to the southeast, then it bends to the northeast five times.This "five-bend" border, formerly Jordanian territory, is more than 50 kilometers south of the jehosah border.Now Jordan has given up the 6,000 square kilometers to Saudi Arabia, giving up what is now the "five-bend" border of jehoshah.In addition, a straight line extends more than 100 kilometers to the northwest and then to the northeast.In both directions, the saudis have given up a triangular line in return for the 6,000 square kilometres they have secured for Jordan.Saudi Arabia's willingness to swap Jordan's 6, 000 square kilometres should be another consideration.In 1965, the technology of oil extraction was not very advanced, and the fact that no oil was found in the 6,000 square kilometers does not mean that it will not be found in the future.For Jordan, even if the 6,000 square kilometers of oil were found, with the port capacity of aqaba at the time, it would not have been possible to convert the resources into dollars.Jordan chose between its unknown oil resources and the benefits of its known route to the gulf of aqaba.In this way, if Jordan takes the coastline around aqaba bay from Saudi Arabia, it can expand the port of aqaba and build Jordan's own "Rotterdam port".With aqaba, Jordanian trade to Europe, Asia and Oceania is much easier, instead of going around Egypt and Syria.Although both Egypt and Syria are Arab brothers, it is better to live apart and beg for your own convenience.For more historical and geographic articles, please subscribe to WeChat public account, map king Jordan is definitely a very secular islamic country, I met Jordanian people are warm and friendly, the following is my own experience of driving Jordan :(covering almost all the major cities of Jordan) can refer to ~Conclusion: Jordan is a relatively open country among the Arab countries. Many foreigners go to travel and work in Jordan. The infrastructure of Jordan should be ok, safe and stable, and it is a secular country.The former company carried out a large One Belt And One Road EPC project in Jordan. In the following figure, a residential area in Amman is generally shorter with such small buildings. Only the capital is more green.Dead Sea, to Jordan has been busy with work, only to the Dead Sea, there are many places of interest did not go to, sorry.Talk about some experiences with local HABB: 1. Time concept is really different from us!!A minute is an hour, so we often say 1min 1hours2 later. Local traffic is inconvenient, there is no public transportation, but taxis are cheaper than in China, but taxis don't have tickets.Amman is indeed the city of the mountain habitat, manual gear slope start niubi, otherwise it is difficult to move.3. The locals are friendly and it is difficult to deal with the bedouins.The air is quite good, and the manufacturing is quite backward.6. Prices are very high, especially for industrial supplies, 10 times higher than in China is normal...Write so much first, ha ha, may never go to this country again, together with the construction site through the brothers, wish you all the best.Natural resources are quite scarce and it is not easy to get to where we are now.In one of the most education-conscious Arab countries in the Middle East, governments subsidise education well.But limited to the national strength, the degree of good graduates mostly to study abroad or work.The best major at the university of Jordan is medicine, which is expensive.Like many Arab countries, Jordan is under pressure to lose high-quality talent.The population is growing fast and there are more young people, so the employment pressure is great.The cost of living in Jordan has been rising in recent years because of the war on terror in Syria and Iraq and an international economic downturn.Refugee camps in the north, close to the Syrian border, hold about 600,000 or 700,000 people, while Jordan has more than six million people of its own.About two million other foreigners.Jordan's foreign policy is more flexible and does not take sides easily.Jordan has diplomatic relations with Israel, is an ally of the United States, has not been as fiercely anti-assad in the Syrian crisis as the gulf states, and has distanced itself from Saudi Arabia over yemen and Qatar.The issue of secularization is a bit complicated in the Middle East.Few people say that religion should be limited to religion, but many do.The hashemite family of the Jordanian royal family is descended from Mohammed, which is a very important political capital for the royal family.But the Kings practiced liberal despotism, limiting religious interference in all aspects of life.The king's family: it's scary to be invited for the first time, ha-ha. I've been living in Jordan for one year because of work, and it's sad to think about the next year.It's too dry here. It doesn't rain all year round. It gets dark after 4 o 'clock in the rainy season, and after 8 o 'clock in the dry season.Local prices are so high that buying a few generations of potato chips and a few bottles of drinks can easily cost hundreds of RMB, and eating a fast food can cost two or three hundred yuan.The capital, Amman, is as secular as any other modern country on the street, but it is still a bit more difficult to get around.People here have been learning English since their childhood, and most of them speak English. However, they still need to communicate in Arabic.Most of my colleagues in my daily work are local people, and these female friends often show us photos of their parties. Of course, these photos can only be seen by women, and I guess they are just having a good time. After all, apart from being wrapped up strictly, they still feel very beautiful.They wear the small short skirt of deep V to draw a big heavy makeup what with the person of European and American country is really no different.The more traditional women still wear abaya, and then the more modern ones are clothes and pants, but it's ok not to show your arms or hair.I also met a local woman, whose sister was still dressed in a traditional way, but she was dressed in a fashionable and modern way, with no headscarf or robe. It was amazing.The poorest country in the Arab world, with a coastline of just 20km and a basic desert that is starved of resources, is rich in minerals other than some that could be used for nuclear weapons, but imports most of its crops.There are many religions in the country, Christianity, Islam, etc., especially for Christian believers, Jordan is the holy land where Moses ascended to heaven and Jesus was baptized.Business is underdeveloped here, and even the people are not very commercial minded (for example, they don't have any change to make up, so they would rather not do this business), but the tourism industry has developed rapidly in recent years.The currency is the local currency and the us dollar can also be used.Why is Jordan famous in western countries?It has to go back to politics.Israel itself depends on Israel, economy, technology (especially irrigation technology), the relationship between Israel and the United States is self-evident.In short, it is one of the important strategic defensive lines of the western powers in the Middle East.It is a country famous in the Middle East but unable to be discreet.

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