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New York Islanders Authentic JerseyNew York John f. Kennedy international airport crowds, planes take off and land, many people with their dreams to New York, "the big apple" (another name for New York) charm.Tomorrow, the NBA draft will be held at Madison square garden, the most famous arena in the United States, and the top 15 draft prospects, including yi, will be there to be judged on their NBA fates.At 6:05 am Beijing time yesterday, American airlines flight AA2 arrived in New York from Los Angeles.Yi jianlian was still in good spirits after his long flight. When he stepped into Kennedy international airport, he gently said to himself, "hi, New York!"If Los Angeles is yi jianlian's starting point in the NBA, then New York is his NBA stop."I'm finally in New York."Yi's words are relaxed. No matter what the result of the draft, this step has set a precedent for Chinese players. He is the first Chinese player to come to the NBA draft.Instead of wearing a sweatshirt, yi, dressed in a blue POLO shirt, dragged his bags and gave himself a free hand without the predraft anxiety.Despite the recent news about him, although some experts think his slide in the ranks is very serious, but yi lian is still a world in my mind, confident and comfortable.The people in the airport do not know much about the future star, only a few people are interested in the "altitude" of the league.They won't know that, in a few years, it will be very difficult to walk up to yi and ask for autographs or photos."After a very hard training session in Los Angeles, coming to New York means an end to the hard training session, and the hard training session will start to show results."Yi lian's voice is full of happiness, and his face is full of smile, "still a little excited".The NBA paid special attention to yi's arrival and sent two officials to pick him up at Kennedy international airport. Although yi would not say much about the draft results, he was looking forward to the trip to New York."How far is our hotel from the airport?Yi is like a curious child, and the NBA is the children's special reporter wang jifei from New York's 13-year league data in a net to change the way you watch Chinese football

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